Our Story

My name is Celina Zhao and I founded Project Period in 2018, right before sophomore year. It all started because I noticed that whenever a girl would go to the restroom and they were on their period, they would try and hide a tampon or pad up their sleeve. I thought, why is a period considered something to be ashamed of, when almost half the population experiences this monthly cycle? That stuck in mind for a few years before I decided to do something about it. When I was drawing up a plan for Project Period, I wanted to actually incite change in something that I could see in my day to day life. One issue I noticed was just how expensive menstrual products are, and I wondered, “how are all women supposed to afford this crap?” After I researched this topic for a while I realized something: they don’t. Often times women who can’t afford menstrual products simply free bleed or try and make their own products which is extremely unhygienic. I wanted to change this so that is why I founded Project Period, a fusion between fighting to get rid of the stigma against periods and providing menstrual products to those in need.