invoke change. PERIOD.

A youth-run nonprofit based in Oklahoma dedicated to dissolving the stigma behind the period and providing menstrual products to those in need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding one’s period. We believe that a period should not be something to hide, rather something to be proud of. We also believe that menstrual products should be accessible to everybody, even those who cannot afford them on their own. You may not see it day to day, but the harsh reality for some is free bleeding into whatever is available: newspapers, paper bags, toilet paper, etc. Continuing use of non sanitary period collection products is extremely unhygienic, a cesspool of bacteria and other harmful germs. This is why we are donating pads, tampons, and any other menstrual products to local shelters, Hope Centers, etc. We hope to someday change the way one views their period, and to spread menstrual hygiene to those in need throughout Oklahoma.



Our Story

My name is Celina Zhao and I founded Project Period in 2018, right before sophomore year. It all started because I noticed that whenever a girl would go to the restroom and they were on their period, they would try and hide a tampon or pad up their sleeve. I thought, why is a period considered something to be ashamed of, when almost half the population experiences this monthly cycle? That stuck in mind for a few years before I decided to do something about it. When I was drawing up a plan for Project Period, I wanted to actually incite change in something that I could see in my day to day life. One issue I noticed was just how expensive menstrual products are, and I wondered, “how are all women supposed to afford this crap?” After I researched this topic for a while I realized something: they don’t. Often times women who can’t afford menstrual products simply free bleed or try and make their own products which is extremely unhygienic. I wanted to change this so that is why I founded Project Period, a fusion between fighting to get rid of the stigma against periods and providing menstrual products to those in need.



Project Period OK is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donations are tax-deductible. 75% of your donation will go directly towards creating period care packages for those in need. 25% will go towards spreading the message and expanding our resources. We accept both monetary donations and products at various donation centers. YOU are changing the world with your donation, thank you!

*all records of donations and expenses are open to the public, feel free to email us an inquiry to review them. They will be posted at the end of each year.


Contact Us


Phone (call or text): (405)508-9840

Email: projectperiodok@gmail.com